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Online course certified by NCCAP and CPD

At The Better Connect Academy, we thrive to bridge the  communication gap between you and the hard of hearing community.  We help you and your business provide equal communication access / effective communication per federal law, with our hour long online course.

Our online course is a Continued Education course approved by the NCAAP and the CPD.


With over 50 million reported hard of hearing and deaf Americans, complaints of businesses and their staff not providing effective communication has increased. By educating your staff with our online course, you position yourself to improve communication and be ADA compliant.  

- Continuing Education Course NCCAP and CPD

- Course is content checked by members of the hard of hearing & deaf communities. 

- Course is a great personal and professional developmental course. 

- Great for corporate training, new and current employee training...

- Learn how to be ADA compliant at your place of work and avoid ADA complaints/lawsuits

- Great certificate of completion to add on job seekers' resumes!

Who should take this course? Any business/agency that wants to comply with ADA laws and individuals who are seeking to develop their communication skills such as nurses, Call Centers,  job seekers, doctors' offices, government agencies, bank tellers, baristas, grocery store workers, any front customer facing businesses... 

Communication is Good, Better communication is Best!

Our online course will teach your staff facts about how to give equal communication access, methods, techniques, must do's, don't do's...
It includes animation and a quiz. Certificate of completion/Attendance will be provided. 
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Duration: about 1 hour including quiz and other material.
1 hour course = 1 ECU
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The objective of this course is for any staff member of any type of business to learn methods on how to communicate correctly with individuals who are hard of hearing.


Based on personal research of over 20 years, the number one complaint Hard of Hearing individuals have in common is that they cannot hear and understand what nurses, doctors, baristas, cashiers, bank tellers and the general public are saying to them.


This course is an excellent way to develop your communication skills with Hard of Hearing clients/customers/patients/family. You'll learn how to provide effective communication.

Who should take this course? Anyone who has a customer facing job should take our online course. 

Students who are going in the work force, individuals who are looking for a job should also add our certificate of completion to their resume.  It's also a Continued Education course.

What's in the course?

- HOH Facts

- Techniques / Methods

- Lessons    - Animation

- Quiz    - Certification

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