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Andrew Carr, President of The Better Connect Academy, was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.  


Andrew was a premature baby and was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss at birth.  He grew up learning to utilize his minimal hearing and that helped him to talk.  Andrew learned to overcome his hearing loss and navigate the hearing world through accessible technology, hard work and tough studying.


Andrew graduated from Westfield University and received his BA in History and Political Science with a concentration in law.  Since graduation, he volunteered on Statewide committees and other state wide organizations advocating for disabled persons rights and equal treatment. He has been a state and nation wide community advocate and is active on social media.


Andrew joined the Better Connect Academy as its President believing in its mission to teach Human Resources and all future employees disability etiquette.   He believes in this company’s  mission that education is needed on how best to communicate and serve persons with disabilities. He is now spending his time working with The Better Connect Academy and and caring for his brother.

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Jean (John) Nalbantian, is the author, creator and CEO of The Better Connect Academy.

Born and raised in France, he grew up empathetic and at an early age, he got involved volunteering to clean up flooded towns in the South of France, participated in neighborhood youth council meetings to guide the youth in the right direction; he's volunteered as a soccer coach for the PALS program and started a soccer league in Los Angeles and finally found his passion for helping seniors.

He's a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's degree in Human Services Management and holds two University of Southern California Gerontology Certificates. He has over 20+ years, of experience working with the hard of hearing and deaf communities.  

His background in gerontology and direct experience with the disabled community ignited his journey of being an advocate for the hard of hearing.  He decided to design this online course to bridge the gap between the hearing and hard of hearing communities.