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Created to be relate able. Very carefully considered applying training techniques for people with hard of hearing. It was eye opening, paceful and very understandable. I work with people that have hearing loss and I appreciated the training from a whole new perspective. Great information!


The better connect academy made an amazing training app on how to improve communication with HoH people. The technical tips , and scenarios , even the quiz questions were very informative. I am recommending it to my company to include in our annual training. It is easy to follow , to the point , and with excellent ideas to improve how we communicate. It’s also for HoH people to watch to advocate for ourselves. It gives me the confidence to say ‘please look at me when you are talking’. I said it to a nurse today and she was so glad I did. I highly recommend it.


I highly recommend the course on how to better communicate with HoH / deaf customers or clients. Every employer should require their employees to go through this course. It is simple and easy to understand but is eye opening as to how simple changes can go a long way. The course provides a good explanation of the challenges and provides real world suggestions on how to be more accommodating. The use of role playing style examples makes it easy to understand. For the time it takes to go through the course it can make employees that much better and in turn make your company stand out as one that strides to be more accommodating.


This course contains very relevant information for anyone who wants to be a better communicator with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. As a Teacher of the Deaf and ASL Interpreter for almost four decades, I will be recommending this to businesses/medical offices/etc in my area to improve the communication between hearing and deaf/hh clients.


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