What are you accomplishing with this course? What are the objectives? Why is it important? Is it relevant to your work efforts?


Hard of hearing individuals continue to complain about employees of any business and/or medical office not being able to communicate correctly with them. It’s a very serious problem!


Our online course teaches you how to communicate efficiently and correctly with hard of hearing and Deaf customers/clients/patients. Not knowing the correct techniques/methods of communication with them can result in staff and company complaints or lawsuits via the ADA. All who are working with customers either by phone or face to face should take the course. Communication has no limitation; it can be achieved vocally or otherwise. 


We will teach you. Each hard of hearing or Deaf customer/patient you meet must feel that you have applied all methods to communicate with them. Being able to carry a productive and clear conversation with one hard of hearing client is a win. There are over 50 million hard of hearing Americans, you are guaranteed to meet them at your workplace. You should have at least one method ready to apply with them every day. With each method learned, you will be able to communicate and complete your task with the hard of hearing or Deaf individual.


With our one-hour CE course, you will have new communication skills. Apply them every time. With millions of hard of hearing Americans, the time to learn and be ADA compliant is now! Every single employee of the company you are associated with should take the course and provide equal communication access per federal law. It’s a great continuing education course.


All skills learned in this course should be applied accordingly to achieve being ADA compliant. There is no time limit to learn. You learn every day. Will you make communication mistakes? Maybe. This should not deter you from continuing to apply the methods learned with your hard of hearing clients/customers/patients. Try with one individual at a time every day to fully adopt the skills.

You'll learn:

Communication methods with the Hard of Hearing
Face to face communication
On the phone communication
Tools needed to communicate correctly
Technology needed to communicate
Understanding hard of hearing challenges
Understanding types of hard of hearing
Federal laws to be ADA compliant with providing equal communication access